Get to know us!

Here at Organized Joy, we believe that true wellness comes when the body, mind and spirit are in balance. That can seem impossible with endless "to-do lists” and extra clutter. Having an unorganized place can feel overwhelming and distract you from living the life you’re meant to live. With an eye for detail, small changes can make a world of difference. Before you know it, everything will be where it’s suppose to be and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your place! 

Hi! My name is Tricia.

Outside of organizing, I am in the process of being a minimalist - which I am so excited about! I am pursuing a PH.D in Holistic Medicine and Healing Nutrition. I enjoy working out at the gym, eating organic food, teaching Sunday School to Kindergartners and am active with the human trafficking organization downtown. One of my goals for this business is to put a water well in a third world country each year, so that others are able to have clean water!