Will you take pictures and talk about how messy my house is?

We do take before and after pictures. Although certain pictures may be selected at random for our website/social media, none will have a name connected to the client. If you prefer not to have pictures posted publicly, please let us know! Organized Joy offers complete confidentiality and will not mention your name, personal information we come across or anything negative that could be hurtful to you. We respect and honor you, your family and are thankful for the privilege of coming into your home and helping you get organized!

Do I have to be there when you are organizing?

No. It all depends on what you prefer and feel comfortable with... If you just want things organized, I work alone. Sometimes clients prefer to work side-by-side so in that process they can learn sorting, prioritizing & improve their organizing skill... that does usually take longer than when I organize by myself, so that’s up to you to decide what you’re looking to get out of it all, as well as what is within your budget!

I’m embarrassed for you to see my home... will I need to tidy or clean up before you come?

No! If you do that, I won’t see an accurate picture of the problem to better understand your needs! Plus, I LOVE before pictures!!

Are you going to make me throw out everything?

Absolutely not! While I appreciate the minimalist lifestyle, my goal is to create a space YOU feel comfortable in... one that allows you to find what you need & is manageable to maintain! If anything besides garbage is removed, it is because you have decided it is no longer useful to you... I will ask you questions to help you in this decision process and may recommend some things but ultimately, it is your decision as to what stays & what goes!

Do you come look at the areas that need to be organized?

Yes, there is a consultation where we decide if we are a good fit- It takes about 45 minutes.
We meet at your place and look at the area(s) you want organized. I am there to ask & listen to what you think is working, what isn’t working and what you really want as an end result! I have a basic contract and waiver for you to sign at that time and will take "before" pictures, if you are okay with that!

How long is an organizing session?

Depending on the project type... paperwork vs garage vs toys... and your availability, appointments can last 3 to 12 hours! If you’re working with me, you may be tired and done after 4 hours but sessions can be up to 12 hours— some clients prefer to get it done as soon as possible... it all depends on your preference! Ultimately, you are the final decision maker on how long a session lasts! My minimum is 4 hours unless it is a Junior organizing session, which is 3 hours.

Is there advertising on your vehicle?

Yes, I have it on the back window. If you prefer that I park in a specific place, please let me know!

Do you drop off donations after organizing sessions?

A complimentary drop off donation trip is included with each session... whatever I can fit in my vehicle! :)

Are you a CPO (certified professional organizer)?

I am a professional organizer since I have all of the requirements to be a professional organizer (I just made it to my 1500 paid hours of organizing in January- woohoo!) but I am currently studying for the NAPO exam and will be a CPO in June!


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